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You may have come across the Uxbridge Dictionary and other alternatives, but Scobie has been compiling his version for 30 years.  If you find any that you’ve seen before, it’s a coincidence.  We haven’t put it in alphabetical order, so when we add new ones we can just stick them in on top of the others.  Clever, eh?



Here we go.....

Accretion          Native of Mediterranean island

Out of line         No more cocaine

Chutney              Part of London between Chelsea and Putney

Boutique             Place for storing footwear

Connecticut        Place in America where two canals meet

Bulimia               Psychological craving for publicity

Space bar          Pub in a galaxy far, far away

Examine             Redundant collier

Routine              Regret having a 16-year old

Sharkskin          Relatives of predatory fish

Stage-struck     Run over by Wells Fargo

Meteor swarm   Say hello to your bees

Eyesore             See Puddytat

Dexterity          Skill in milking a very small cow

Goblet               Small goblin

Forebore           Small shotgun

Harass               Small spears fired from a bow

Fissure               Somebody who fishes

Fission                Something to go with chips

Antechamber      Sort of granny flat

Espy                    Spanish secret agent

Trainspotter       Teaches Harry at Hogwarts

Adduce               The card above an ace

Cyclamate           The rear person on a tandem

Determinant       There goes another rubber tree

Ratstail              This rat isn’t fresh

Escapee              Time for the Tena pants!

Makeweight       To keep somebody hanging on

Debrief              To remove underwear

Deduct               To remove waterfowl from a pond

Defer                 To skin a rabbit

Fieldfare            Turnips

Tofu                   Type of putty eaten by vegetarians

Misjudge            Unmarried female lawyer

Holistic              Used by priests to hit choirboys

Ransom              Went very quickly

Hirsuit               What she wears to business meetings

Europeanist        You play Chopin rather well

 Auspices             Equine quadruped finds relief


Had enough?

Too bad!

Detectable           CID furniture

Dioxide                Coloured cow skin

Detail                  Cut a dog’s tail off

Dais                     Daisy without its root

Lamplight             Despairing state of young sheep

Brucellosis           Disease affecting sprouts

Escapist              Drunken getaway

Pixilate                Elf not on time

Horse brass         Equine prostitute

Nutcase               Scrotum

Chemise               Female pharmacist

Intermezzo          Fond of Greek titbits

Gaza strip            Football shorts

Elixir                   Foreplay

Colon                   German city famous for Eau de Colon

Granary               Home for old ladies

Transistor          She used to be my brother

Malady                How Parker addressed Lady Penelope

Rancour              Word best avoided by Jonathan Ross

Halo                    How you greet a saint

Elaborate            Join the socialist party

Accolade             Lemonade for Knights and above

Irony                  Like iron

Cockade              Like lemonade but with a funny taste

Diagnose             Lop-sided olfactory organ

Gypsophilia         Love of travelling people

Condominium      Machine selling very small contraceptives

Pundit                Made wordplay out of it

Chestnut           Man who is mad about breasts                                       

Caucasian          Man with corner shop in Ireland

 Chaparral          Menswear

Bet you thought that was the end…

Depilatory            A bald Conservative

Vanish                  A bit like a van

Alderman             A chap who lives up a tree

Claptrap               A condom

Carnation             A country of vehicle owners

Dyke                    A female duck

Myth                    A female moth

Acrimony              A marriage settlement

Deodorant            A sweet-smelling insect

Dramatic              A whisky-vending machine

Clubbable             Able to be struck on the head

Clockwise             Able to tell the time

Reverse               About poetry

Goosander            AC/DC water bird

Orchestrate        Alternative to jail for sex offenders

Bighorn               An amorous American sheep

Genie                  Arabian spirit with light brown hair

Axiomatic           An automated chopper

Glutamate          An exceptionally ardent lover

Herald               An old king who was shot in the eye

Crossword          Argument

Nostrum             Banjo playing forbidden

Knapsack            Bed

Scintillate          Behave badly until the small hours

Mistress            Between a mister and a mattress

Exorcise            Bicycle without wheels

Sagacity            Big town for old people

Flemish             Bronchitic

Depose              Bus stations

Hernia               Careless rupture

Gonorrhoea       Chap who punts a boat in Venice