Meet our friendly staff

Scobie Tuttle, Editor

Scobie Tuttle



Tempered in the white heat of Fleet Street, Tuttle has a reputation of being a hard man, especially by his glamorous assistant (see below).  He often works late into the night working out where a report should be placed, and he and Lola often try out many different positions before they are satisfied.

Lola de Frith, editor’s assistant

Lola de Frith



Lola is often to be found sitting on the editor’s right hand.

 She says “I ‘m not normally a sociable girl; I have a small group of close friends and we tend to put up barriers against the outside world, but I sometimes take them down for the editor and let him into my inner circle”.

Ian Geek, Section Head, Information Technology

Ian Geek



Ian, a single man who lives alone, said: “S.H.I.T. is not a bed of roses, but I’m deeply immersed in it.  Not having a girlfriend, I think a lot about being on the job, and often go to sleep at night with a problem on my mind only to wake up in the morning with the solution in my hands.”

Pearce Organ, Press Officer

Pearce Organ



Pearce takes it very personally when it is suggested that he gets his stories in unacceptable ways. “There are people who behave in a disgusting manner”, he says, “and it is my duty to report it. My next-door neighbours, for instance, have made a sex tape. Of course, they don’t know it yet…

Paul Pacisso, Graphics Designer

Paul Pacisso



Paul says: “It’s much more difficult job than people think.  I have spent many a sleepless afternoon trying to find ways of generating computer graphics before going back to cutting and pasting from Google Images