Only in Ireland



A recitation to remember

There’s a story which I heard from two different sources; this doesn’t make it true of course, but I’d like to think it is.

The eastern side of Ireland can be a bit dismal in parts; between Dublin and the beautiful west are towns such as Kinnegad, Naas (pronounced to rhyme with case) and Kilbeggan, none of which would qualify for the title of Prettiest Village.  It seems that some years ago, the Ulster poets Louis MacNeice and Seamus Heaney had to drive on this route to give a poetry recital in Dublin’s famous Abbey theatre.  By the time of the recitation, however, they had the drink in them, as the Irish would say.  Heaney is said to have walked unsteadily on to the stage and said “We have written an extra poem on the way here tonight, and it goes like this:

Naas indeed is an awful place,

Kilbeggan twice as bad,

But of all the towns that I have seen

F*ck me, Kinnegad!