or Scobie Tuttle's Almanack

June 2019 - There could be more!  I stopped paying the sub last September, but it's still here, so I'm chucking out a lot of old stuff.  It may take a while to get the table of contents right and think up some new horrors.

Watch this space!

Main Features

  • Fictionary

    Scobie's alternative dictionary, with meanings you hadn't thought about

  • Auntie Lola

    All new Problem Page. Pour your heart out to Auntie Lola, who can solve all your worries!

  • Queen?

    Could you be Queen? Take this simple quiz to find out if you could be next in line

  • Our Staff

    Meet our friendly bunch of psychopaths

  • Top Tips

    Make your life easier, preferably at someone else's expense

  • Really?

    Amazing facts that you never knew

  • Daily Liar

    All the news that's unfit to print

  • Classifieds

    A new slant on classified advertisements

  • Telly Page

    Today's television for the cultured boxwatcher

  • Lonely Hearts

    This is the place to find the person who will change your life (not always for the better)

  • The Sermon

    Our resident vicar apologises for some small errors in last week's service

  • Scobie's Sack

    Your intriguing letters are always welcome, especially the rude ones

Scobie Tuttle’s History of England

  • Part One

    From the cavemen to the bloody French

  • Part Two

    The Welsh, the Scots and yet more Johnny Foreigners

  • Part Three

    From Queen Anne's legs to modern times

  • Joys of Rugby

    Including My Glorious life, a new look at mini-rugby and the Forwards vs Backs debate

  • Worse Verse

    Verse you might not have seen before and might not want to see again

  • Kids' Korner

    Don't like school? Blow it to smithereeens!

Random stuff (we haven’t worked out how to sort these yet)

  • Opera Fun

    Preposterous plots and silly synopses from the weird world of opera

  • Whisky Cake

    A recipe which everybody should try - if you can stand up for long enough

  • Jaw-dropping!

    Think you've heard most kinds of music? Think again!

More serious, but still interesting (I hope)

  • Psychic News

    You too can be a psychic, and this shows you exactly how to do it.

  • U and Non-U

    What posh people say and what they don't

  • Rock'n'Roll

    No humour here; just a history of rock'n'roll for those interested